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Fluoride Treatment (Preventative Service) - Lincoln Park, MI

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About Fluoride Treatments

There are people who don't maintain a regular mouth care routine and this can trigger frequent disease and dental cavities. To aid growing or weakened teeth, a concentrated fluoride dose may be administered at DentalWorks - Lincoln Park by our dentists in Lincoln Park, MI to fortify the enamel. Fluoride is a mineral that is frequently added to municipal water systems. In addition, it is also in typical dental products like toothpaste in small doses to build up the enamel. A professional fluoride treatment at DentalWorks - Lincoln Park uses a safe, but concentrated dose of fluoride to shield the teeth against infection. Fluoride treatments can be applied in several forms (gel, foam, varnish) with two different choices of fluoride. This can be neutral sodium fluoride for individuals who have dry mouth and dental crowns, bridges, or dentures or acidulated phosphate fluoride for strong teeth.

What to Expect

Fluoride treatments are usually given bi-annually immediately after the patient's dental cleaning or as often as our dentists advise. The clean teeth are dried to stop lowering the amount of the fluoride, then the treatment is delivered to the patient as a paint-on varnish, gel, or foam that is allowed to penetrate for several minutes. To make fluoride treatments less unpleasant, our dentists will generally add a flavor chosen by the patient. Once the fluoride treatment is done, patients should be sure to spit all fluoride out of their mouth to stop negative effects after the procedure.

Treatment Aftercare

To make sure the treatment totally saturates the dental enamel, patients should not smoke, drink, or eat for at least a half hour after their fluoride appointment. Drinking any of the fluoride may produce mild upset stomach, but this should not last more than one day. While fluoride can be problematic in substantial concentrations, our dentists are cautious to give each adult or child a calculated dose of fluoride during their professional fluoride treatment at DentalWorks - Lincoln Park.

Insurance Coverage

In-office fluoride treatments are considered a cautionary treatment and are most often paid by the patient's insurance for patients who are under 16 years old bi-annually as their teeth are developing. Insurance coverage for an older patient who gets a in-office fluoride service fluctuates, so DentalWorks - Lincoln Park will verify the patient's policy benefits and determine their amount of the bill. For patients who don't have dental insurance coverage, DentalWorks - Lincoln Park offers several payment options and financing plans.

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Fight with Fluoride

To help children and teen's vulnerable teeth or adults who frequently get cavities, a professional fluoride treatment preceding a dental cleaning at DentalWorks - Lincoln Park can strengthen the enamel. Ask our dentists about the advantages of fluoride treatments in DentalWorks - Lincoln Park's Lincoln Park, MI office and prescription fluoride treatments for home use. This will help to remineralize the teeth and reduce the chance of infections and cavities for better mouth health.

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